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    Foster child has hard time fitting in with his new family. Then he meets their pet dog


    We seriously cannot handle how cute these two are. They do everything together from cuddling, playing, reading, and sipping child and dog friendly lattes, they are each other’s favorite buddies!

    The most adorable thing this duo does together is dress in matching outfits. From Halloween costumes to beach wear, the friends look sharp every time they’re together. They’re a favorite on Instagram with over 100,000 follower.


    But if the social media platform isn’t providing you with enough cuteness, do not fret!

    Swiridoff is writing a children’s story about the best friends. The story will be told from Reagan’s perspective highlighting all of the duo’s fun antics.

    “It’s been a dream of mine to tell their story,” Swiridoff happily said, “I can’t keep all the adorableness to myself.”

    And we’re so glad she’s not! Lucky for us, the story will also feature never before seen photos of the friends. We can’t wait to see all of the cuteness that will be in the book. We’re hoping for more matching outfits and plenty of adventures. Reagandoodle and Little Buddy – The true story of a Labradoodle and his toddler best friend is sure to become a favorite for children and adults everywhere.