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    10 Personal Attributes You Never Knew You Inherited From Your Parents

    4. Love of coffee

    Do you drink a lot of coffee? Well, your genes are entirely to blame! Scientists conducted a comparative study of people who can’t live without coffee and those who can. It turned out that the second group had a particular set of genes which meant they absorbed caffeine more slowly. This meant that they didn’t feel a particular need to drink it on a regular basis in order to get a rush of energy.

    5. Maturity-onset diabetes of the young

    Type 2 diabetes usually develops among older people. But sometimes it occurs in children and adolescents with an active lifestyle. This is known as maturity-onset diabetes of the young, and it appears as a result of a genetic mutation, although a poor diet can also play a role.

    6. Color blindness from your mother

    The inability to differentiate between certain colors is often something that a person inherits through their genes. The gene which produces it is often inherited by sons from their mothers. For the most part, it’s men who suffer from color blindness. This is due to the fact that within their genetic makeup, the defect of the single maternal X chromosome is not compensated for, whereas women have an “emergency” X chromosome from their fathers.