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    10 Personal Attributes You Never Knew You Inherited From Your Parents

    You have brown eyes like your mom and long legs like your dad. Things like this are incredible when you think about it: we inherited every physical attribute from our parents, from copies of their genes. But what other things came from our predecessors?

    1. High cholesterol levels

    Many people believe high levels of cholesterol are connected with what you eat. If you want to live a long and happy life, you need to eat vegetables and fruit and get plenty of exercise — or so goes the common belief.

    But sometimes high cholesterol levels actually depend not on our lifestyle but on our genes. About 1 in every 500 people has a special genetic mutation which leads to an accumulation of cholesterol in their blood. These people will have high levels of this substance even if they eat nothing but vegetables.

    2. Male pattern baldness comes from the mother

    One of the genes that plays a role in baldness is located in the X chromosome. Men inherit it from their mothers. But don’t rush to blame her for your thinning hairline — there are other genes that play a role here, including ones inherited from the father. Moreover, environmental factors also have an effect on hair loss.

    3. Academic success

    When a mom scolds her child for getting a D at school, and she points out that she did much better in her studies, in one sense she really has a point. Academic success is 55% dependent on your genetic inheritance. Thousands of genes are directly responsible for how well you perform in school. So if your parents demonstrated outstanding abilities during their school days, you’ve got great potential.