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    15 Top Coloring Book Artists Who Were Offensive And Way Out Of The Line

    An artist is the one who gets engaged in any broad spectrum of activities including generating, practicing or publishing the art. A skilled artist knows his direction of working. He tries to express and further demonstrates his feelings through his artistic pictures or any such activity.

    Few artists work theme based and few are the ones who express themselves through their work. There are many published works of artist that prove their creativity and intense imagination. Well, among those works there is a collection of ultimate illustrations for all those people who love the joy of coloring and modern day art.

    Here are the best of 15 graphics that will definitely take your breath away.

    #15 A great message to addicts’


    The lady in the person seems to be addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs and this is no different as everyone especially youth is getting attracted towards these harmful things.

    #14 Minion commiting suicide


    People who commit suicide don’t even think about those to whom they will leave behind. And so committing suicide is a big crime.

    #13 Dragon dinner


    The scraped knee and duct tape on the kids are adding realness to the image.

    #12 Oh my godness!!


    I don’t understand if this is NSFW but either way the coloring done to this obsessed girl is so damn superb.

    #11 The dark edge of Princess Elsa


    So brightly and exactly colored private sides of the princess.