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    13 Terrifying Reasons To Stay Out Of The Water

    Anybody who lives near the ocean has felt its draw. Even just a trip to the beach can satisfy the urge, but for some reason, the briny depths call to us. We’re connected to the sea.

    However, there are hidden dangers lurking just below the surface. Even as it beckons, the sea demands respect. Riptides, rogue waves and undertow are just the beginning.

    When you’re in the water, you’ll encounter creatures out there that will make it clear you’re out of your element. While most are harmless, some are the stuff of nightmares.

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    Yes, these massive snakes are at home underwater. Native to South America, anacondas are some of the longest, heaviest snakes in the world. You don’t have to worry about venom with anacondas — they just wrap their prey with their huge bodies and squeeze, either cutting off blood to the brain or drowning the unfortunate prey.


    It’s unclear what species this giant snake was, but considering the picture was taken from a plane, it’s safe to say you don’t want to be in the water with it.



    2. Swordfish

    They’re not known to attack people unprovoked, but when threatened swordfish won’t hesitate to put their namesake bills to use, as one did to a fisherman in Hawaii in 2015, killing him.


    3. Stingray

    Stingrays tend to be lazy creatures, but when they’re in danger they will protect themselves with astingeron their tail armed with a deadly venom.


    4. Nomura’s Jellyfish

    Usually seen around Japan, Nomura’s jellyfish are huge, larger in diameter than a grown man is tall, and weigh about 400 pounds. And check out the mass of venomous tentacles!