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    This Quick Trick Will Free Up SO Much Space On Your Phone!

    Smart phones might be amazing pieces of technology, but they’re not perfect. Far from it, really. With such an intricate machine with so many moving parts, just about anything can go wrong. You have to keep them at the right temperature, the batteries never last as long as you expect — or need — them to, and you have to be an engineer to use them to the maximum of their potential.

    That said, sometimes the fixes for their issues are right under our noses. You would never think to do what’s needed on your own, but hey, if it works, use it.

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    It’s a sad day when your phone runs out of memory.

    Now, how will you take a photo of the pan-seared artisanal pork with the green apple slaw you ordered?


    No need to rage!

    There’s a startlingly easy trick you can use to clear up some memory.


    As redditor eavesdroppingyou explains, the good folks at Apple built in some behind-the-scenes clean-ups that do the work for you.

    There are some tricks to making it work, though.


    For starters, your phone has to be really low on memory, like below the GBs and into the MBs.

    You want to rent a big movie, one that takes up more space than you have left. Think epic, blockbuster, in HD.

    Seems like a bad idea, right? But this is where the magic happens.


    You’ll get the dreaded ‘Cannot Download’ pop-up, but for once, that’s what you want.


    Click on Settings, and then have a look at your storage.

    The number will have gone up!


    Best of all, you can keep trying and it will clear up more space each time.

    It might work another two or three times before it can’t find any more memory.

    Does wrangling your technology get any easier than that?