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    Remember This Kid From ‘Big Daddy’ And ‘Friends’? You Won’t Believe What He Looks Like Now

    Most child actors have a hard time growing up. When you’re type-cast as the cute little kid on a family sitcom, it can be hard to transition into a mature, adult actor. Too many times have we seen former-child stars go down booze and drug-fueled paths, leaving fans wondering what ever happened to them. But hey, just because some make poor decisions doesn’t mean ALL of them do.

    Remember the cute little boy from Big Daddy and Friends? Well as it turns out, that little boy was in fact TWO little boys. Twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse won over ANYBODY who ever got to see them act. But they’ve been doing a lot of growing up lately, and you may not even recognize them anymore!
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    1. Dylan and Cole get their start at just eight months old.

    Following a suggestion from their grandmother, Dylan and Cole’s parents got them into the acting game when they were very young. In fact, at just eight months old, the two shared the role of Patrick Kelly on ABC’s Grace Under Fire. They continued their role on the show until they were six-years-old.


    via Pinterest / Melanin monroe

    2. The twins land their first big movie role.

    Every actor has that BIG moment that leads them to bigger and better things. For Dylan and Cole that was landing the role of Julian in Adam Sandler’s comedy Big Daddy. Many didn’t realize that the role was played by twin brothers, so many were left wondering who the adorable little boy was.


    3. The twins start making names for themselves.

    After the success of Big Daddy, Dylan and Cole found themselves landing more and more acting roles. The two could be spotted in several Hollywood films in the early 2000s and even made appearances on hit television shows like That 70s Show.


    via KIIS 1065

    4. Cole gets his own roles.

    After appearing on That 70s Show and in several minor films together, the twins were split up when Cole was cast as Ross Geller’s son Ben on Friends.