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    13 Amazing Acts Of Restroom Graffiti

    Have you ever gone to a public restroom with a marker? I can honestly say that in my 25 years on this planet, I’ve never said to myself right before going to the mall or a movie, “I may have to poop in the next couple of hours, let me make sure I’ve got my Sharpie on me.”

    Never. Not even once.

    Am I alone here? Do you go to public restrooms equipped for vandalism?

    And if you DO, do you have prepared material to graffiti onto the walls? Do you work on jokes at night and think to yourself, “This joke is gonna be a hit in the second floor washroom at Macy’s”?

    I have a lot of questions here, folks. So if you’re a bathroom graffiti artist, let me know what the method to your madness is in the comments section. I’m genuinely interested to know.

    In any case, let’s get to the graffiti, shall we?

    1. Ah, Monsieur Elefante. Thank you so kindly for taking my coat while I deface this porcelain with last night’s Chipotle.


    via imgur / IZpea

    2. It IS a crap, Admiral Ackbar.


    via reddit / NTrun08


    3. This guy is clearly a rookie in bathroom graffiti


    via reddit / chrismikehunt