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    16 Hilarious Then Vs Now Truths About Life

    There is no denying that the world is changing rapidly, and as adaptive creatures, we change right along with it. So, when you can take a look back in time and compare it to life nowadays, it’s incredibly shocking to see the differences. Even better, of course, is when it’s illustrated for you.

    1. Oh the shame we feel now. Remember when it was exciting because it was a rare treat to eat at a fast food place? Those were the days.

    Via endless origami

    2. Our cameras take ten times better photos so that we can take feet shots on vacation. Hmm.

    Via imglulz


    3. And the recovery times for staying up all night are vastly different as well.

    Via deviantART / ajchon

    4. Only $50 for 20 diamonds?! Done! Now I can move to the next upgrade. YES!

    Via dorkly

    5. The balance is always maintained.

    Via coffee in a cup