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    19 Incredibly Powerful Photos That Will Leave A Lasting Impression On You

    They say pictures speak a thousand words, but the shockingly powerful effects of pictures capturing the depth of people’s eyes speak volumes. The forum on Santabanta has been on the hunt for the most powerful images of people’s eyes throughout history and here are some of the images they’ve compiled. They’ll leave you stunned:

    1. The eyes of agony:

    Omayra Sanchez, a 13-year-old Colombian girl killed in the volcanic eruption in 1985 is pictured stuck under the debris of her house for three days before she died. Her struggle was documented by journalists where they witnessed her go from calm to a person in agony in an attempt to comfort her until her last breath.
    via Wikipedia by Frank Fournier

    2. The eyes of senseless hatred:

    Elizabeth Ann Eckford, one of nine African-American students (pictured at the front) who desegregated Little Rock Central High School in 1957, is being followed and yelled at by an angry white mob. Looking at the woman right behind her, you can see the senseless hatred in her eyes. It’s chilling.
    via NPR

    3. The eyes of baseless revulsion:

    Pictured below is Joseph Goebbels who treated the man behind the camera with respect until he learned that Eisenstaedt was actually a Jew the moment he captured this image. You can sense the hatred through the lens.
    via Daily Mail by Time and Life

    4. The eyes of incredulity:

    This is the exact moment little Harold Whittles, who was born deaf, heard for the first time with his new hearing aids.
    via Pictify by Jack Bradley