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    19 Perfectly Timed Photos You Can’t Unsee

    Have you ever noticed how many things look like genitalia? I’m not talking about the flaccid carrot in your fridge or the weird fungus growing on your neighbor’s lawn, but those perfectly innocent images that we capture with our cameras. Somehow, through the awkward positioning of the knee or a strange shadow, these photos seem to transform into something else completely, and the things we trust the most, our own eyes, throw us for a loop.

    In this article, cameras caught 19 fluke shots that will force you to look twice. But don’t worry, all of these are safe for work. Technically. If you boss asks, tell them to relax, it’s only a bunch of pigs.

    1.Well, I’m jealous…

    Of this perfectly folded piece of paper.


    via Twitter / @TrackRUSA

    2. This reverse centaur

    They weren’t joking when they said she had a face like a horse.


    via imgur / cute_honey

    3. Baring it all on the mountain

    Frost bite, anyone?


    via reddit / bookerdewitt77

    4. This one might take you a while to figure out

    Hint: there is no lake or reflection in this picture.


    via reddit / swimshoe