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    16 Mortifying Movie Mistakes That Needed Another Take

    Sometimes when we’ve been made aware of a movie mistake, we watch it again and wonder how we could have missed it before. This is especially true if the mistake shows up in a beloved movie we’ve all seen a hundred times.

    But in a way, it’s more surprising that a viewer caught that mistake at all. With how easy it is to be lost in the excitement of a great movie, it would take some keen observational skills to catch something amiss in the background.

    It’s even more impressive if the mistake is only visible for a brief period, but I suppose it’s possible to see something that doesn’t feel right and not know what it is until you slow it down.

    But however the cinematic detectives among us uncovered these mistakes, they were kind enough to share them for everyone to enjoy.

    So here are 16 mistakes that seemed to hide in plain sight. Tell us which ones surprised you!

    1. The disappearing heart monitor.

    When the scene focuses on The Joker, Harvey Dent’s heart monitor can clearly be seen on his finger, but it seems to vanish entirely in the next shot.


    via YouTube / Batman-News.com | Warner Bros. / DC Comics

    2. The Overlook’s shifting geography.

    Whether it’s a mistake or a subtle hint of The Shining‘s otherworldly atmosphere, this aerial shot of the Overlook Hotel has no place for the massive hedge maze that features heavily in the story.


    via Piotr Chmolowski | Warner Bros.

    3. Even Vassili’s not that good of a sniper.

    It’s one of those things that makes you wonder if the prop department had a fight over which page to use.


    via imgur / atRderpson | Paramount Pictures

    4. Cobra’s overzealous shirt rip.

    Stallone improvised the part where he rips this guy’s shirt, and you can tell because it reveals the actor’s microphone pack.


    via YouTube / bauncsu | Warner Bros.