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    Ten people who proved that in just one year you can change everything

    Sometimes it seems like a year is a negligibly small period of time to turn your whole life around, fulfil your potential and make your ultimate dreams come true. But in reality, it doesn’t matter how much time we have; what matters is the way we use it. So instead of devoting your time to mundane tasks, try doing what you really want!

    we wants to share 10 incredible stories of people who managed to change their lives for the better in just one year’s time.

    Cindy became a model at the age of 49 and started her own business


    One day Cindy decided to go gray, and she attracted the attention of a Dolce & Gabbana casting agent, who was looking for a model. That’s how Cindy Joseph started her career. Cindy was modelling for various brands, but then she decided to start her own business and created a line of skin and makeup products that keep skin healthy without promising fantastic rejuvenation. Cindy believes that the secret of true beauty lies in the ability to enjoy who you are and celebrate your age.

    A Moscow tattoo artist defeated cancer


    One year ago a tattoo artist from Moscow, Rinat Karimov, created an Instagram page, @rinat_vs_lymphoma. The page had an unusual name: «Photo blog about me getting lymphoma and kicking its ass. Live.» Rinat fought this horrible disease for 51 weeks, and a couple of months ago he told his 86,000 followers that he won!

    A young couple changed beyond recognition after losing weight


    Justin and Lauren Shelton led a happy life. They thought that absolutely everything was fine, including their weight, which was over 750 pounds (340 kg) combined. The couple’s life changed when Justin fell ill and had to go to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a potential kidney infection. A scan was needed to confirm the diagnosis, but the imaging machine could not support Justin’s weight. When it happened, Justin and Lauren decided to make a change. Justin lost 100 pounds (45 kg) after half a year of dieting and exercise. As a result, in a year Justin dropped 385 pounds (175 kg) and Lauren lost 172 pounds (78 kg).