What are friends for if not to shame, humiliate, and demean? The best part is that they always have to forgive you because you have photographic evidence of whatever trauma they just endured.But sometimes the same tricks get old (after many a plastic-wrapped toilet seat and urine-soaked toes, they seem to be catching on). That’s when you know it’s time to freshen up your game, which is why we’ve brought you 17 pranks will truly test your friendship. Enjoy!

1. Replace hand santitizer with personal lubricant

It’s fun to watch how long they try to rub it in.


via reddit / LetterExperiment230

2. The bloody urinal

A couple squirts of Raspberry Mio is all you need!


via reddit / notsperrys

3. Damp toilet paper and sprouts in the keyboard

The best pranks take time.


via Twitter / @lil_miss_caf

4. Continuing on with the blood theme

Period in the pool


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