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20 Expectations vs. Reality Photos That Are All Too True

Evil expectations. They’re like that friend who says you’d look super cute with short hair, when really you’d look exactly like Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Still, at least expectations let you live in a blissfully ignorant state until reality hits. Reality is the brutally honest Debbie Downer who points out every pitiful part of your sad life, which not only includes your Willy Wonka hair, but also the fact that your physique is starting to look like the fat child who falls in the chocolate river.

So here they are together, hilarious expectation and reality photos that are all too relatable.

1. When he says he’ll cook for you

Life is full of disappointments, and one of them is when my boyfriend promises me a romantic meal and then tries to serve me under-cooked eggs out of a ladle.


via Instagram / @dr.raggedyman

2. Ordering a fast food hotdog

Damn you, Sonic!


3. When you meet a guy with size 13 shoes

And later, are sadly disappointed.


via reddit / Nbensen6

4. Your first kiss

I actually would have preferred if my first kiss was from my cat. I doubt my cat would have eaten an In-N-Out burger with extra onions before sticking its tongue down my throat.