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21 Things Girls Do That Guys Have No Clue About

There are a ton of myths about women out there, but with some hard work over the past few decades, we’ve been able to bust a lot of them. Thank god society knows that we actually poop and orgasm. Not simultaneously though… unless it’s a really good one.

But when it comes to some of the other things we do in private, there’s still an unspoken rule that they remain, well, unspoken. Well, let’s break down those barriers, because we’re probably all doing the same freaky, gross solo stuff anyways.

If you’re a guy, get ready to be educated. If you’re a girl, get ready to relate. Here are the weird-ass things all girls do or have done, but that no one wants to talk about.

1. Trying to get that perfect butt pic for like 15 minutes

Understand that this wasn’t some quick snap-and-send. It took time, effort, lighting changes, and weird contortions. Nothing that looks that good was taken on the first try.


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2. Watching ourselves cry in the mirror

We don’t do this every time, but sometimes it’s nice. We’re partially curious to see if we’re pretty or ugly criers, but it’s also like having a very empathetic friend who knows exactly what you’re going through.


3. Just chill with our hands down out pants

Guys always do this, but so do girls when they’re alone or around people they’re really comfortable with. For us, it’s like having a nice hand warmer. Like a mitt if you will…


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4. Trying to lick our own nipples

It doesn’t feel as good as when someone else does it, but we’ve all tried it. It’s kind of weirdly comforting because it’s like being an infant and a mother at the same time. OK, that’s really weird.