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    Crazy Parking Fails That will let you laughing till die

    Alright, everyone hates school, but there’s a reason you have to go. No, it’s not about getting a good job so you don’t end up flipping burgers and dreaming about your next payday; it’s so you develop the skills to be a functioning member of society. Your teachers aren’t the people who you learn this from, it’s what you get outside of class but still on school grounds, especially high school. Like how to act normal in a group of people because it’s not about being a sheep but learning that it’s not all about you, regardless of what spot you claim in the social hierarchy. Plus where else will you learn how to drive like someone with half a brain?

    You’ve been on the roads, you’ve seen the madness. Every time someone cuts you off, every time you’re held up in traffic because of some stupid accident, you can remember that without drivers ed, it would be even more of a madhouse.

    Forget parallel parking, what about parking in general? Check out these fools who played hooky one too many times junior year.

    Goin’ Up On A Tuesday

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    He Doesn’t Deserve That Car

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    Another A Student Right Here

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