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    19 More Fantastic Real Images From Our Amazing World

    Welcome back to another edition of “our amazing world.” If you missed the first collection, you can find ithere. It is our ongoing mission to show you the most recent, interesting pictures we could find that either inspire, teach, or remind you just how incredible life really is.

    We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives that we become complacent – thinking that we’ve seen everything there is to be seen. Hopefully this gallery will serve as a gentle reminder that there is always something to discover.

    1. These are caterpillars, not snakes. They look and act like a snake to ward off predators.


    2. Grass after it has been struck by lightning.

    via reddit/u/SmangAllDay

    3. All the water on our planet is contained in that sphere. Theestimated amount of water (1,338,000,000 km³) fits into a sphere with a diameter of 860 miles.

    via USGS / Adam Nieman

    4. This visually explains how focal length effects the scale of objects in photography. Try not to stare too long.