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    Top 22 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery

    Facelifts and implants, liposuction and nose jobs: this certainly sounds like a checklist for Hollywood, doesn’t it? For so long plastic surgery has been a way for celebrities to prevent the signs of aging and forever maintain their devilish good looks and girlish figures. With the strict regimen that fame demands, and the inescapable fact that the camera adds 10 pounds, we can’t blame anyone for wanting a little reversing the gradual effects of gravity. While average people will often opt for plastic surgery as a way to fix their problems, going under the knife for implants and tucks is almost a prerequisite for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars: in fact, as critics spend their time whispering about the latest Hollywood goddess’s nose job, male celebs have slipped by the camera without drawing too much attention… that is, until recently!

    The increasingly high demands of looking good in Hollywood no longer apply only to women: today many male celebs are opting for plastic surgery to help ease the pain of aging in such a shallow and critical world. From liposuction to jaw line reconstructions, Hollywood’s hottest celebs are going under the knife for anything that can give them a professional edge and help them look better, sexier, and yes, even younger. In fact, we have found 22 male celebrities whose plastic surgery before and after photos will leave you shocked. We’ll let you decide if these are success stories, or botched jobs of epic proportions!

    #22 – Mickey Rourke


    Legendary actor, retired boxer, and notorious Hollywood bad boy Mickey Rourke, first became a household name in the 1980s after starring in “Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village” and “9 ½ Weeks;” after his early success in drama, action, and thriller films, Rourke took a break from the spotlight and wouldn’t make his return until the late 90s where he would star in box office hits like “The Rainmaker” and “Get Carter.”

    Did we mention that Rourke is a bad boy yet? After hitting a rough patch in his life, Rourke turned to alcohol and boxing to help make it through his days; It should come as no surprise, then, that after getting knocked around the ring and boozed up, that Rourke began looking pretty rough: at 62 years old the actor and retired boxer opted for the true Beverly Hills fix: plastic surgery! From hair extensions and skin tightening to cheekbone and nose reconstruction, Rourke’s new look revived his career, and even earned him an Oscar nominated role in “The Wrestler.”

    #21 – Gene Simmons

    Gene Simmons has been a rock icon for as long as rock icons were a thing; when you think of the “bad boy” who made parents uncomfortable all around the U.S.
    then Gene Simmons of the band Kiss is your guy without a doubt: they were one of the most heavily protested bands to ever exist. Simmons was infamous for hacking up “blood” on stage and sticking out his abnormally long tongue, and with all the plastic surgery he has received over the years what is perhaps most surprising is that his tongue has never been altered or extended (contrary to popular belief).

    Simmons has had an array of work done on him to help keep him youthful: he had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to make his eyes look more refined, Botox injections to slow down the drooping of his face, and what’s most surprising is that both he and his partner, Shannon Tweed, most got Facelifts side by side on the same day. Gene wants to keep looking good for his partner and doesn’t want to put the “sex god” years past him yet, and his wife doesn’t want her husband looking younger than her: I think they both need a “kiss” of reality because once you hit a certain age there isn’t much you can do.

    #20 – Kenny Rogers


    You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” As one of the most famous country singers of all time, Kenny Rogers certainly knows a thing or two about gambling: at least when it comes to lyrics that is.
    With over 10 dozen singles released, including “The Gambler,” and over 100 million records sold around the globe, this Country Music Hall of Fame member will continue to be true music legend.

    Often seen (and heard) singing alongside the feisty Dolly Parton, Rogers surprised everyone when he took a brief break from the public spotlight and later reemerged looking like an entirely different person.

    Despite the fact that signature white beard remained, long gone were Rogers’ rugged good looks, thanks to a series of plastic surgeries which included both a facelift and Botox injections; obviously attempting to defy time, the music icon even had the bags under his eyes removed and his eyelids tightened (ouch!). Thankfully even Rogers admits that the surgery ended in a disaster: his face says it all!

    #19 – Sylvester Stallone


    Stallone is so jacked that most people probably assume he takes steroids, but it turns out that the only thing unnatural about him is his plastic surgery.

    When you’re a huge action star like Stallone people expect a lot out of you: not only do you need to make sure that your body is chiseled, but you also need to look like you belong on the big screen. Keeping up with an audience’s expectations of beauty gets a lot more difficult as you get older, so stars like Stallone naturally have to turn to alternative methods.

    Sylvester didn’t just have a few surgeries; he went “Rambo” with the procedures: lifting his eyebrows and his face, having work done on his jaw line, and of course getting enough Botox injections to keep his face looking timeless. Stallone certainly knows what he is doing: the older he gets the more “expendable” he becomes as an actor, and the more “rocky” his career gets, but with his dedication (and with a bit of cosmetic help) he’ll be an action hero past the point when he’s wheelchair bound.